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We help your organization better capitalize on your installed equipment, help improve operational efficiency and lower the overall cost of ownership. Furthermore, our solution can expose weakness and opportunity that maximize the potential and value of your entire installed base.
Ductus has been helping Global Telecom Products and Technology company to establish sales and support network in India. Ductus has established four State-of-the-Art electronics services facility in all regions of India, provide a platform to our OEM partners to ready to roll their product and services.


Enabling our defense organization to reduce and eliminate the burden of cost and complicated technology and or obsolescence challenges by offering in-country Repairs and Return Services of Wireline, Wireless communication systems including Radar systems. Furthermore
Our expert design engineers are well trained and equipped with the latest technology to guide and develop equipment’s locally under Indigenization of your highly secure products and systems.


Ductus has deep expertise across all sub sectors of the telecom industry including the ISP or Internet Service Providers which is a sub-segment of the telecom sector. Ductus has been helping ISP industry to pass through a significant cost pressure by localizing support services.
Under the software practices we provide OTT platform our of strategic partner, largest online Over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider has made the consumer witness the renaissance in TV watching experience. Making the best use of technology growth and advancement, Ductus OTT enables its consumers to experience the convenience of virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Oil And Gas

Our motivated teams of oil and gas experts combine global experience, proprietary approaches, and insights to help clients respond to changes in the market and unlock significant value to retain and extend the life by satellite communication network and all other wireless communication private network.


Ductus has strong SME team includes sector experts helping Railway’s communication network, Metro – Passenger Information System, Transmission Networks, and smart road transport system hardware repair support for industrial grade electronics products.
Being a leading service provider, we have come up with a quality assured range of automotive Electronics and Robotics hardware Repair Services.


The management of medical devices has taken on a new level of complexity in recent years, at Ductus we understand the increased sophistication and specialization of equipment, integration with electronic networks, right processes and expertise for specialized maintenance and repair, and ever-increasing requirements for compliance, safety, reliability, and accuracy.
We address while maintaining an equipment inventory by developing the right processes at the right time for the right application.

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